What Does Total Wellness Entail for Residents in North Lauderdale?   

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First, what is total wellness for residents in North Fort Lauderdale and beyond? Is it a simple visit to the gym a few times a week? Is it a balanced and healthy diet? Is it lifestyle changes? At Youfit, we believe that total wellness is a mix of multiple areas, coming together to create a truly more radiant you. In this article, we’ll dive into some of those different areas, providing tips on how to better bring them into balance. Becoming an expert at total wellness doesn’t happen overnight, but with one foot in front of the other, we’re sure you can reach all of your goals.

Body and Mind Balancing is Total Wellness for Residents in North Lauderdale 
Let’s take a look at two arenas: the body and the mind. In the West, we have previously assumed that these two areas are quite different. However, recent studies suggest and prove that they are undeniably and intricately linked. Getting a better understanding for how one interacts with the other can give unique insights on how to better manage our total wellness outlook.

The body, as we know, needs plenty of light, water, and exercise. You’ve seen it in the numerous ads scattered across the internet about how much water one needs to drink, how much sun is too much sun, and how much exercise one should get daily. A bit of cardio every day can do wonders for an aging body. Lots of water can do wonders for the whole system, as well as for anti-aging. Sun boosts positive energy, but there is a limit to how much your body can take. We also know that having a gym membership and eating healthy are one in the same. Optimal results can’t happen when we go to the gym but have poor eating habits and vise-versa. A little bit of energy in and energy out is the perfect recipe for our physical vessels.

Then, the mind comes into play. Studies have shown how important it is for us to eliminate stressors in our lives. Stress can make the mind spin out of control, and that anxiety can end up becoming a part of our breathing patterns. Stress alone causes breathing irregularities which can have long term effects on our overall health. This is precisely why new scientific findings are supporting the Eastern ideology of meditation and occasionally taking things slow. A more relaxed mind can lead to clearer headspace, better decisions, and better sleep.

When you tie both of these areas together, you have the basics for total wellness. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling these two areas come together in harmony. If you’re looking to work on the physical aspect, the professionals at Youfit North Lauderdale would love to have you! Our gym provides state-of-the-art equipment with group classes, personal trainers, and a free trial! If you’re ready to get your body and mind balanced, visit our website today at www.Youfit.com or call us at 888-968-3481. We can’t wait to see you!