Become Your Best Version at Youfit North Lauderdale

Best Gym in North Lauderdale

Want to become the best version of yourself but don’t know where to go? Come to Youfit North Lauderdale! At Youfit North Lauderdale, we pride ourselves on being a health club focused on you and your uniqueness! Affordable and accepting, Youfit North Lauderdale’s goal is for everyone to have the chance and support to become the best version of themselves. 

Our team at Youfit North Lauderdale knows how difficult it can be to be motivated in the gym, which is why Youfit North Lauderdale features group exercise classes! Our group exercise classes not only help beginners get adjusted to the gym, but also challenges experienced athletes with a quality workout every time. Choose from various courses, such as Zumba or Cycle for you to have a fun and challenging workout to achieve your fitness goals today.  

Not comfortable working out in a group setting? Or want something a little more personal? Youfit North Lauderdale offers YouCoach Personal Training, a one-on-one unique training experience that centers around you! The YouCoach personal trainers are both certified and experienced to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our trainers understand that fitness is more than just exercises; it’s also being confident in your own body and enjoying the grind of bettering yourself. This reason is why our trainers are committed and dedicated to working alongside you in the weight room and helping you develop a plan to reach your fitness goals!  

Unsure what your current fitness level is? No worries, new members automatically earn a free fitness assessment at Youfit North Lauderdale! Work through a fitness assessment and see what your current fitness level is, and see where Youfit North Lauderdale can take it. Do you have limited time but still want an effective workout? Youfit North Lauderdale offers Youfit’s 30-Minute Express Circuit! The Express Circuit allows you to get a quality, total body workout in only half an hour. Every machine and exercise is outlined and explained, so even those who have never lifted a weight can see how to use every machine and do every exercise. This is the perfect workout for beginners or those in a time crunch! 

Come in today and see just how Youfit is the most welcoming and positive gym in North Lauderdale! Conveniently located at 7346 West Mcnab Road, we invite you to stop in today to sign up for a membership or try a 48-hour free trial pass!